Saturday, February 18, 2017

Baltic Special MD
on the eve of the war: German view.

Hopefully in view mode this gives you a bigger image (or lets you expand it)
I'm going to test that by saving this as is right now.


  1. Where did you get the new rule book and OOB for scenarios?

  2. I didn't.

    For the OBs, I followed a set of play test rules I got at ConsimWorld Expo in 2006. I filled in the gaps with my own research. I used Glantz, Boevoy Sostav, and Lexikon der Wehrmacht for the combat units; Goff (unpublished) for the NKVD; and Munoz’ Hitler’s Green Army for the weird fascist collaborators.

    For the rules, well, it's complicated. I've been developing my own WW/CoT based house rules for years now. To that, I again added bits from the 2006 playtest rules, but reverted the naval rules pretty much back to FitE. I fleshed everything out with JMA's Blitzkrieg Unleashed rules, which are available on his site.