Saturday, February 25, 2017

I have some pictures of the Soviet turn, which I'll post later.
Right now I need to fight burn out.

However, in playing the Jun II 41 turn, and the Axis half of the Jul I turn, I've concluded there are some rules that are way too unwieldy, and need to be revised.
1. The harassment bombing attack
2. The replacement system, both normal and special reps

Yikes, I know the second item sounds huge, but I think revising it this early in the game won't throw thing off too much.

For the harassment bombing attack: It may just be an oversight on my part. Clearly, air units that do this should not be allowed to fly another mission in their next player turn. Otherwise, there would be interdiction markers all over the map all the time.

As for the replacement system: I'm okay with having three types of ground replacement points (RPs): armor, artillery, and infantry. But there shouldn't be a mix in every divisional unit! That's too complicated for what small level of "realism" it may offer. Also, special replacements (the ones you get from dead units), should be all infantry, as it has been in other Europa titles. Counting special RPs from the whole mix creates way too much paperwork.

Since I was forced to keep good records to determine the special replacements the first time, retrofitting the run;e before the Soviet player turn should be okay.

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