Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The end of the German Jun II 41 turn.
It looks grim for the Soviets.
Army Group North: PzGp 1 is deep into Estonia. Objective Riga taken.

Note the KM took Hiumaa. Oh, and the Brotherhood of the Forest is covering the way for the Panzers.

AGC is on the 1939 border, and took Objective Minsk.

Because it turns out he was in supply, all Heinz had to do was drive around the north jaw, attack the trailing mech corps from behind, and then overrun his happy way into Minsk. Look closely and you'll see the Lithuanian rebellion hiding in the hills.

AGS. A blood bath, but as predicted, the mountain corps turned the whole flank. Now the cream of the Soviet TDs is pocketed.

Worse, Polish/Ukrainian rebels are helping the SS pocket a corps in the Pripyet. Wait till they see how the SS pays its gratitude...

The Romanian Front is not as disastrous as it could be, as the Soviet commander ordered that withdrawal during the surprise turn. Still, the Romanian armor has breached the Dniester.

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